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Decorating Tips: Use of colours in the nursery

Decorate the baby’s room is one of the coolest activities while we are pregnant. But the one thing to watch is the colour you will choose, as it will have a big influence in the mood and state of mind of people, including babies. Avoid “hot” colours su …

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Little Passports What is the best way to teach the little ones a bit of Geography and inspire them to travel from a young age? Little Passports it is! Little Passport is a monthly educational subscription containing souvenirs, activities sheets and …

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Children friendly record player

Jack White and his recording company are set to release a children friendly record player together with a children compilation and a storybook. Yes I know, they have the right to get to use one of those too, to have in a future far away (!) some lovely …

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Welcome to Shops For Kids

Welcome to Shops For Kids, a new site about fashion and shopping for children.

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