Lille Figaro Review

If you’re looking for well made, styling children’s clothing for little boys and girls, then why not try out Lille Figaro for all the best in children’s designer brands?

About Lille Figaro

The Danish company presents a showcase of some of the most popular children’s brands, meaning that rather than trawling through different shops or websites looking for the right product, you can just go to Lille Figaro and they’ll present you with the very best in what you’re looking for.

Lille Figaro Collection

Though some consider fashion a girls/woman’s interest, there’s certainly an impressive range of fantastic boy’s clothing featured at Lille Figaro. The products themselves are very easy to browse, organised neatly into categories for boy’s clothing, girl’s clothing and even a category with goodies for Mom as she deserves a treat too!

In terms of products on offer, Lille Figaro shows off clothes for a range of ages. In the boy’s section, you will find everything a young boy or man needs to have the swishest, coolest wardrobe – from sandals to hoodies to jumpers to swimwear. There’s an interesting range of designs, from rather bold leafy designs or animal prints, to more conservative block coloured, muted clothes.

In the girls’ section you will find similar designs, with brighter colours and also sweet little shorts, ideal for both style and practicality. Check out the accessories section in both tabs to find socks and bags, and any other little pieces needed to finish off any outfit.

Both the boys and girls departments also have a baby collection. There’s an umbrella collection of ‘childhood’ too, which contains ideas for maternity gifts, as well as children’s room decorations and accessories for birthday parties basically anything. But don’t worry, it’s not just children having all the fun – there’s a lovely selection of stylish clothes and accessories for mothers as well, which you should definitely check out! This includes everything from cosy pyjamas to stylish outerwear, as well as soft furnishings like cushions and bedcovers. There are loads of great gift options too, with jewellery, stationery, hair accessories, jewellery boxes, calendars and more on offer.

Lille Figaro Delivery and Prices

Lille Figaro ship to anywhere in the world – shipping within the EU costs 190 DKK (£20) and outside the EU is 250 DKK (£25). They accept all major debit and credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard, and you can also go through PayPal. The English speaking site is now closed, however the Danish online shop is open.