Alex and Alexa Review

If you’re looking for the latest in kid’s fashion catering for both boys and girls then you should definitely try out Alex and Alexa, the site which brings together all the best brands and designs for children’s clothing.

About Alex and Alexa

Founded by UK based Alex Theophanous and Alexa Till, the site aims to help parents find the highest quality garments for their kids by gathering together the World’s Best Clothes Brands. Perfect for confused adults, this award winning site is exactly what you need for guaranteed quality and style. At the top of the screen you can select what you want to view – including clothes and accessories for new born babies, girls and boys. There is also a section dedicated to clothing for different sports, as well as shoes, and there is also an option to filter by designer if there’s a specific look you have in mind.

Alex and Alexa Collection

The girls’ section of the site features elegant dresses and floral prints, as well as snug winter jackets and some adorable mini gilets. Over in the boy’s section you’ll find jeans, jumpers and shirts. There’s also formalwear and nightwear suitable for both genders, as well as hats, gloves and mittens ideal – for the winter season. So no matter the weather, Alex and Alexa have got your back! But it doesn’t stop at clothes – there’s also bedroom furniture available, such as lamps, chairs and desks, as well as wallpaper and various cute ornaments. There’s even cake baking kits and lunchboxes available for when they’re at school age! And if you’re looking to add in a bit more fun, then be sure to check out the toy section, with its huge range of impressive gifts, such as dress up costumes, soft animals and even tiny musical instruments! For older children, you can also find skateboards and skull candy headphones to keep them entertained. Overall, there’s something for every child at Alex and Alexa, regardless of gender, age or interest.

Alex and Alexa Delivery and Prices

The site accepts online orders from customers using PayPal, as well as most major credit and debit card options. Delivery in the UK is £2.95, or Free on orders over £30. For the rest of the world it is more expensive, and you should check on the Alex and Alexa website to find out how much it is to deliver to where you live. They also have a free returns policy available on all orders from their site, so there’s no need to panic if something’s not quite right.