Amiki Review

As all parents know, sometimes bedtime can be a real nightmare! Getting your kids to settle down and get to sleep can sometimes be one of the most difficult parts of your day. If you’re looking to morph your little monsters into sleeping angels, then why not head over to Amiki Children for warm, comfortable nightwear that’s sure to turn bedtime into a treat?

About Amiki

This brand prides itself in producing pyjamas which are manufactured entirely out of 100% cotton and organic cotton. This means that children can keep warm without overheating, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. The company caters for children aged 2-12 years and the pyjamas and nightgowns they create are simple yet beautiful in their design and quality.

Amiki Collection

Even looking at the Amiki website makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. All the children modelling the beautiful nightclothes are surrounded by stars and cute bedtime pillows. The collections modelled mirror the relaxed feeling, with flowing nightgowns, as well as simple tunics and pyjamas in a range of pastel blues, pinks, greens and creams. Most of the nightwear comes in such light relaxing colours with no busy patterns or eye-catching designs, making the items more than fit for purpose, being snug whilst relaxing the mind and body when it’s time to rest.

The range of designs on offer shows that Amiki has something for everyone, whilst the playful and fun poses of the models adds an aspect of childish fun to the mix. Some designs are thicker and cover the whole body, perfect for colder months, whilst some come as vests and tops, ideal for summer. Once you’ve spotted something you like, all you need to do is click on it and you will be given a closer look, as well as some information about the fabric and design of the item. If you want to, you can like the item, tweet it or pin it on Pinterest – ideal for giving people inspiration and maybe directing other interested parties towards where they need to go. The site also does briefs, vests and tank tops specifically designed for children.

Amiki Delivery and Prices

The Amiki website encourages paying using PayPal, but you can also just use your credit or debit card. Shoppers from around the world are all welcome here. Delivery in Europe, including the UK, and the Russian Federation costs just 6 Euros, whilst other countries cost 10 Euros in shipping.