Angel and Rocket Review

For a real eclectic mix of exciting fashions and styles, make sure you check out Angel and Rocket! Their truly distinctive creations are bound to stand out from the usual high street brands, with an emphasis on modern fashions and a dedication to detail, style and quality.

About Angel and Rocket

Angel and Rocket pride themselves on their use of high quality materials and yarns, combined with a tangibly British approach to design. The company was formed after Co-Founder Philippa Cloete became frustrated with the lack of well-made fashionable children’s clothing on the high street. Failing to find what she was looking for – a modern design which followed a gentle colour palette, built from beautiful yarns and fabrics and offering a style and aesthetic which was truly original and let her children discover and explore their own individual styles – she decided to fill the gap in the market with her own creations – and Angel and Rocket came into fruition. Cloete sought out and brought together some of the brightest minds in British fashion design in order to pour all of their creative passion into producing children’s clothes which are unique, attractive and sturdy.

Angel and Rocket Collection

Angel and Rocket never fail to produce clothes which really reflect what childhood is all about. They take their inspiration from their own children, and try to reflect in their clothes something about each child’s unique personality and personal sense of style. They also take great care over their own attention to detail and they refuse to compromise when it comes to design – creating beautiful garments and top quality creations which combine modern aesthetic with excellent craftsmanship. You really won’t find a more dedicated company anywhere else when it comes to creating clothes which stand out from the crowd.

The clothes themselves are often simple with lovely quirks which differentiate them from the typical kids fashion brands which you usually find. Many of the tops and jumpers are plain with a single image of a painted animal, be it a kitten or a monkey, and you can be sure to be impressed by the intricacy of the designs. Plus, knitted jumpers and sharp shirts go perfectly with jeans to create a smart casual look whilst still appearing distinctive and eye catching.

Angel and Rocket Delivery and Prices

Angel and Rocket are based in the UK and they deliver throughout the world. UK delivery is just £4.95 standard price, or Free if you spend £100 or more. At the moment, it is only possible to use credit or debit card to place orders, and they do not accept PayPal.