Anive Review

Looking for children’s clothes which are stylish, well made and ethical? Look no further – Anïve for the Minors ticks all of these boxes and more, with their ever expanding catalogue of kids’ fashion which manages to be both beautiful and organically made to boot!

About Anive

The Swedish brand prides itself on creating breathtakingly gorgeous children’s fashion which follows the styles and trends of modern Scandinavia. They take most of their inspiration from traditional arts and crafts styles of the region, creating clothes which follow both a traditional Scandinavian aesthetic whilst still maintaining a modern twist!

Anive Collection

The company was originally created in 2011 by BA Fashion Design graduate, Gabriella Lundblad. Lundblad, who earned her Bachelor’s degree from Beckmans College of design in Stockholm, Sweden, wanted to take inspiration from everyday life, and particularly from the seasons. For example, the Autumn collection features a rainbow range of dark blues, greys and reds traditionally associated with the season. Lundblad takes these aesthetics, grounded in reality, and mixes them with images often found in fantastical fairy tales, as the current collection takes inspiration from old-style images of magician’s magical capes. The effect to truly wondrous, and does a great job of combining the magic of childhood with sharp shapes and flawless style.

The clothes are aimed at children of all genders aged 18 months to 8 years. Amongst their collections, you will find a wide range of bright and exciting colour schemes and designs, some more complex than others. From simple, floaty dresses to puffy skirts covered in stars, and hoodies and trousers printed with tigers and other animals, there’s something to reflect the fashion styles and interests of all children. In addition to clothes, there are also accessories such as silk scarves and hats, as well as fancy shirts and loose, light clothing perfect for running around and exploring in. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what childhood is meant to be about? Keep an eye out for sale items where you can scoop up some great deals without skimping on quality.

Anive Delivery and Prices

You can have clothes from Anïve delivered straight to your door, as they do ship to the United Kingdom. In terms of payment options, if you live in Sweden then you are free to use a TextTalk card, otherwise their main payment method is by PayPal.