Bobo Choses Review

With its cool and refreshing kid’s collection of top clothes for both boys and girls, Bobo Choses should be top of your fashionista list.

About Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses was created by Catalan art directors, Laia Aguilar and Adriana Esperalba in 2008, with the aim that clothes should speak to children in their own language. With an artistic background, it comes as no surprise to learn that the collections offered here come in a range of bright colours and imaginative prints to appeal to and reflect the personalities of little ones. Their first ever collection, called The Englishman & the Sitting Bull was very well received on its launch by both media and consumers, giving the brand an immediate boost. As a result, Bobo Choses clothes are now available in department stores and online to customers in over 30 countries around the world.

Bobo Choses Collection

The clothes currently offered still contain the same playful ethos, blending prints and colours to show the fun side of fashion. This brand caters to both boys and girls, from babies as young as 3 months, up to 9 years. The baby collection consists of mostly baby grows and all in ones, with a couple of pairs of boldly patterned leggings and trousers.

Moving on to toddlers and kids above the age of 2, there’s a unisex range of clothes, bundled into t-shirts, sweatshirts and bottoms. Some of the prints are the same as you’ll find on the rompers, with animals, stars, block patterns and more in colours ranging through the rainbow from bold blues and reds to more muted beige and greys. Slogans appear to be a theme on the tops and sweatshirts, with ‘LA’, ‘Chateau Marmot’ and ‘Echo Park’ appearing to be a common theme. This collection of clothing is available for both boys and girls up to 10 years. There’s also an additional girls section, full of dresses, skirts and more feminine pieces. Additionally, there’s an accessories section containing appropriate finishing touches for any outfit. In the winter collection there are loads of bobble hats, scarves and gloves.

Bobo Choses Delivery and Prices

Bobo Choses clothes are available to purchase using your debit/credit card – they accept both VISA and Mastercard – as well as PayPal, making any online order seamless. Products are delivered via UPS or FedEx, with shipping times and costs varying depending on location. Products can be delivered all across Europe and to some international locations such as Canada, Australia and China.