Caramel Review

If you’re looking for a children’s retailer specifically designed in contrast to the typical mass produced styles of the clothing industry then why not try out Caramel Baby and Child? With a focus on good quality clothing and modern yet unique styles, the brand offers a kind of excellence which you won’t find anywhere else.

About Caramel

Founder Eva Karayiannis has spent around two years exploring traditional handmade clothing from Peru, as well as taking inspiration from smaller designers operating across the south of England – so she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to creating a distinctive style using traditional handmade methods which guarantee quality! Only once she’d taken time out to explore and research the children’s independent retail industry did she create her company – starting in a small boutique store in London back in 2009. The result is a wide range of colourful children’s clothes which combine luxury with practicality to suit the needs and interests of all children and parents. Since the clothes are actually designed by Eva herself, each item also has a personal, familiar feel which can be very comforting.

Caramel Collection

The company offers a range of clothing for boys, girls and babies. The clothes are largely plain, using singular block colours ranging from bright and cheerful reds and greens to more earthy browns and greys. There isn’t really much in the way of patterns, which gives the clothes a classy appearance and makes it easier to personalise the outfit using accessories and extras in the form of gloves, hats and pretty embroidered scarves as well of jewellery – all of which are available to buy on the site.

The shoes on the site are particularly impressive, with high quality bootees made from real leather and following a classic shoe style reminiscent of the 1950’s. The shoes are available in a rainbow range of different colours and are ideal for adding the final finishing touches to any outfit.

Of course, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, and you may find prices to be more than a little steep. However, the excellent craftsmanship means that the clothes are likely to last out the years, so you will definitely get what you paid for.

Caramel Delivery and Prices

Caramel Baby and Child are able to deliver items to almost any country in the world and you can order online from the website. Deliveries cost £8 standard delivery, plus any local sales taxes and import duties on countries outside of the EU. Payment options include standard Credit and Debit card, but customers also have the option of using PayPal.