Daizy Babies Review

To give your new born the ideal start in life, try out Daizy Babies for their excellent range of nappies, training pants, and baby slings, ideal for tiny bodies learning to walk and crawl.

About Daizy Babies

They Derbyshire company is dedicated to producing items aimed at comfort and practicality using soft, absorbent fabrics for maximum ease of movement. The company employs a relatively young team, brimming with ideas to revolutionise the children’s retail market. Many of their employees are parents, so they’ve got some expert advice on board when it comes to nappy changing. What’s more, the site is also very eco focussed, with great emphasis on saving the environment. They do this in a number of ways – for a start, by creating reusable nappies, meaning that by using them you’re massively reducing the amount of rubbish you throw away every day. Plus, all of their office products are made from recycled materials – so not only will you be getting high quality first clothes for your baby (not to mention saving money on buying and rebuying disposable nappies) but you’ll also be helping to planet!

Daizy Babies Collection

The concept of Daizy Babies is simple and promotes a wholesome aesthetic. A lot of their clothes have a cow printed on them as well, making you think of nature and the great outdoors.

As the name suggests, this brand provides underwear for the littlest of nippers, in an eco-friendly way. For starters there are the signature cloth nappies, of which there are several different types ranging from new born babies to children up to a year old. As your little one gets older, they will hopefully start potty training. However, accidents do still happen, so you might want to try to Daizy Babies’ range of training nappies. You can also grab some swimming nappies for water babies as young as three months. In addition to just the napkins themselves, there are additional products available too, such as nappy balm and mosquito patches designed specifically for infants to make sure their skin is protected. As well as this there’s a selection of slings on offer, providing a practical, cheap and ethical way to transport your tiny tot.

Daizy Babies Delivery and Prices

Daizy Babies accept most payment options and you are able to use PayPal on their site. They deliver to the UK, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and Mexico.