Dundelina Review

For a genuinely unique approach to fashion for little girls, we would definitely recommend you pay a visit to Dundelina.

About Dundelina

As well as creating incredible and charming designs for little girls, all of their creations are based on original stories and drawings featuring their little girl mascot, Dundelina – bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “Look Book”. The Norwegian company bases all of its clothing and toy designs on the writings of Roald Kaldestad, the children’s author behind the popular Dundelina stories. In the stories, Dundelina gets up to all kinds of fun and exciting adventures, and it is from these tales that the clothing brand takes a lot of its inspiration, using a lot of the graphic examples of clothes worn in the stories to inform their own creations. The result is a unique and playful take on clothes design for children, allowing kids to use their imaginations to recreate the stories they read through costumes and clothes inspired by Dundelina’s world.

Dundelina Collection

However, just because they’re based on children’s novels, don’t be fooled into thinking that these clothes are lacking in quality or professionalism. Each garment is created to evoke sophistication and panache, mixed in with a healthy dose of fun! Plus, the clothes are extra sturdy and built to last – so you’re getting your money’s worth out of clothes which can easy be passed on for generations!

The dresses are aimed at children aging 2-10 years, which is about the age range which the original books are aimed at. The clothes are largely loose fitting, with a comparatively plain design, many with delicate embroidery as decoration. You can also find knitted cardigans and jumpers, which will no doubt be very useful in the winter months, plus hairclips and baubles with stars and birdies on them. Keep a look out for Dundelina dolls, ideal Christmas gifts, or just as a random present! If there’s a specific look which you are going for, then you can opt for the “Shop By Story” option, which allows you to see different stories and select them to view all clothing items which are part of that collection. This adds to Dundelina’s rather exciting, whimsical notion that “Every Dress Has a Story”.

Dundelina Delivery and Prices

If you’re interested in Ordering from Dundelina, they do deliver to the UK with an approximate delivery time of 5-10 days. In order to make a payment, you are free to use either Credit and Debit Card, or alternatively, PayPal. This shop seems to have closed down.