EFVVA Review

For kids with a truly individual style, you really can’t go wrong with EFVVA. Their love of design combined with a passion for children’s clothing guarantees outfits which are unique, fashionable and great quality for your kids.


The Polish company was founded relatively recently in 2011 by art school graduate Ewa Wróbel-Hultqvist. Ewa came from an artistic background, having grown up in a family or artists and creative types. Having obtained her degree from Krakow’s Academy of Fine Arts, and Ewa needed was a direction for her talents. This arrived in the form of her first son, inspiring Ewa to combine three of her greatest passions – Design, Painting and Children.

EFVVA Collection

EFVVA is born out of a love of kids, fashion and design, and this is plain to see from looking at any of their collections. Their small and unique collection of clothes and shoes is designed to suit children aged 3 months all the way up to 6 years. What’s more, since the company only ever uses the best quality all natural materials, you’re guaranteed great value. All of the clothes are lovingly designer by Ewa and carefully handmade in Poland – so you can guarantee a kind of quality that only comes from dedication and passion for creation. Plus, as EFVVA always use organic products, by shopping with them you’ll be helping the environment and supporting their dedication to their worker’s rights.

The clothes are hand painted with breathtakingly beautiful designs. There is a variation of different looks and styles on offer, but each share an obvious care and devotion to their creation. Many feature animals, intricately designed with great attention to detail. Although the range of clothes available is relatively small, it is immediately clear that EFVVA puts quality over quantity and it really pays off. Plus, have a look at their adorable collection of children’s clothes made with soft and supple leather, ideal for growing feet.

EFVVA Delivery and Prices

Despite being a relatively small brand, EFVVA delivers internationally and will deliver to the UK for approximately £10. There are a range of payment options available to both Polish and non-Polish customers. For a start, you can transfer money to them, or use credit or debit card, and there is also the option of using PayPal.