Finger in the Nose Review

For practical, stylish clothes which are sure to suit your little rebel, make sure you try out Finger in the Nose, the Parisian retailer which offers fashionable yet practical garments for kids, ideal for work, rest and play

About Finger in the Nose

The company came together in 2003, when businessman Jean Yves and designer Siv Tone Kvernelend decided to team up to create a brand new children’s clothing brand which would rock the foundations of Parisian children’s fashion. Just more than a decade later, the company has expanded and grown both locally and internationally as the clothes’ unique style and comfort has captured the hearts of kids and parents everywhere.

Finger in the Nose Collection

The name of the company translates into a French phrase meaning something similar to “It’s easy” – although obviously in English the phrase has a different, more literal connotation which evokes silly and funny images of childhood.

Finger in the Nose pride themselves in designing clothes which are difficult to categorise and label. The sheer mix of different aesthetics employed by their designers creates clothes which are unique and edgy, with a touch of rock-n-roll and striking denim chic. Using only the highest quality fabrics, the clothes are well prepared for wear and tear, making them ideal for any child who loves to explore and go on adventures – and they can even be handed down through generations. With their effortless fashion, the items manage to be a perfect mix of smart and casual, with laid back t-shirts, jeans and jackets aimed at both boys and girls.

The clothes feature a wide range of graphics and a colour palette which largely sticks to shades of grey, beige and black. New items out every season mean that there’s always something for every kind of weather available in their collections. Of particular note is their selection of wool and knit wear, of which the company is very proud. These items can primarily be found in the boy’s section, with a fabulous range of cosy sweaters and other garments. Plus, check out the autumn range of coats for boys and girls lined with the softest of French duck feathers, sure to guarantee a winter lived in luxury.

Finger in the Nose Delivery and Prices

International shipping from Finger in the Nose costs 20 Euros in total. The payment options they accept at Visa, Mastercard and American Express, although unfortunately they do not appear to accept PayPal