Fleurisse and Leon Review

If you’re looking to add that classy finish to your kids’ wardrobe, then you should definitely pay a visit to Fleurisse & Leon. This stylish French children’s clothing company specialises in formalwear and fashion.

About Fleurisse and Leon

The company opened in 2001 and for the past 13 years they have dedicated themselves to becoming a quality high market children’s retailer. They started off as just a small retailer of children’s dresses for various fancy boutiques in New York City. However, they quickly grew up into an international label, creating clothes for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world – they have even been featured in the pages of Vogue magazine and Vanity Fair.

Fleurisse and Leon Collection

The Fleurisse and Leon brand gives off a chic-but-cheerful vibe with sophisticated and classy clothing modelled by children all looking ecstatic to be wearing these garments. This clothing company is certainly the right destination for parents who want to get their little ones scrubbed up for a special occasion, or even if you just like them to be dressed neatly on a day to day basis.

Their clothing range is split into four distinct groups – little girls, little boys, young lady and young man – the “little” sections are for Newborn to 3 Years, whilst the “young” sections are for 3 to 12 years. Each section includes a variety of styles, including Special Occasion, Ceremonial and Smart Casual. The Little Girls section includes cute dresses and cardigans, as well as hairclips, bows and fur lined blankets. The Baby Knits section also contains tiny little jackets and hats – perfect for winter. The Young Ladies section is similar, but with less woollen items and more sophisticated dresses. The boy’s area contains more shirts and, obviously, trousers, along with golfing jackets and jumpers – so your little lad will be the very picture of a little mini man! Each item is set up as part of an outfit – and if you like the outfit you see, you can click on it and find the prizes of each individual item available to you

Fleurisse and Leon Delivery and Prices

Fleurisse and Lyon deliver to a number of countries across the world. Shipping to the continental US cost $15.00, whilst international orders are $25. They accept most major credit cards, but do not seem to offer PayPal.