History Heroes is an award-winning pocket size quiz card game in which players of all ages can learn about historical figures across all areas of life, key dates, and significant events.  The object of the game is to guess the heroes’ names from the information presented on the cards. On each card, there are multiple facts about a hero, ranging from easy (green) to hard (red).

History Heroes has currently 11 games, ranging from the typical historical themes such as II World War, or Kings & Queens, to more specific, yet equally interesting ones such as Children in History, Inventors, Space, London. Below is the full list of the currently offered games:

  • Children in History includes individual cards of forty children throughout history, who have helped change the world and the lives of those around them.
  • Explorers cards go back in time to Pytheas in the first century BCE and cover land, marine, submarine and lunar exploration from then until the present day. Neil Armstrong ‘rubs shoulders’ with Roald Amundsen and Ibn Battuta; Ranulph Fiennes with Leif Erikson and Yuri Gagarin; Amelia Earhart with Sir Francis Drake and Sylvia Earle;  James Cameron with Pedro Cabral and Christopher Columbus to name a few.
  • Inventors cards introduce forty important inventors who have changed our world with inventions we see and use every day
  • Kings & Queens cards feature interesting, unusual, and curious facts about key British kings and queens from Alfred the Great to our present day queen, Elizabeth II.
  • London History Heroes introduces forty personalities who shaped London throughout the ages, from rulers to pop stars
  • Scientists cards let you discover forty important and fascinating scientific characters
  • Space History Heroes features personalities who shaped space exploration, from astronauts and scientists to less obvious such as novelists and filmmakers who inspired space travel
  • Sports cards introduce forty sportsmen and women from the early days of the Greek Olympics to modern sports personalities
  • Women in History game features quiz cards of forty female monarchs, political leaders, scientists, artists, writers, explorers, campaigners and performers
  • World War I cards feature forty war heroes – soldiers, leaders and civilians who left  a significant mark on the history of the Great War
  • World War II quiz presents military and civilian characters who played an important role in the events during the war

The cards are beautifully designed and have good production value – the game attracts mostly five-star ratings on Amazon.