Hop Like a Bunny Review

For a children’s retailer which likes to put the fun back into fashion and really understands what children are all about, it really has to be Hop Like a Bunny!

About Hop Like a Bunny

The company was founded quite recently in 2007 by Maria Torregrosa, an Argentinian woman who previously lived in the US before moving to London. Moving around so much has given her a great view and understanding of different clothing fashions and styles across the world. After she moved to London, she was disappointed to find a lack of cutting edge quality clothing aimed at little ones. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and so Hope Like A Bunny was born, co-developed with a friend of Torregrosa’s. In 2009 they bought premises in London and since then they have been slowly but surely expanding their brand, offering parents something truly unique and special which genuinely will make their kids stand out in the playground.

Hop Like a Bunny Collection

Having previously worked in children’s television, Torregrosa already had plenty of experience in marketing and creating merchandise which would appeal to children, and it really shows in her designs! With a huge selection of toys and clothes designed for children from newborn up to 14 years old, the store offers an excellent backdrop upon which your children can develop their own unique and style. Clothes for little ones and babies are loose fitting and light, which is ideal for children who will be running around, growing and playing. As they get older, the clothes become more form fitting, sharp and stylish, sure to turn a few heads in the playground. The colour schemes are quite plain, meaning that they’re ideal to add to and accessorise.

In addition to being chic and stylish, the clothes are also incredible well made from the best, most sought after materials. Authentic Bolivian Alpaca wool and organic fabrics are the materials of choice, providing comfort, as well as being good for the eco-system. Of course, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap and there is a pretty big price tag to be found on a lot of the items. However, since the clothes are so well made, chances are you’ll be getting your money’s worth when it comes to wear and tear.

Hop Like a Bunny Delivery and Prices

At the moment, Hop Like A Bunny only accept Debit and Credit card payments; they do not accept PayPal. They deliver globally, and standard delivery within the UK costs just £6.50.