Marmalade and Mash Review

Marmalade and Mash designs show the very best in classic British children’s fashion – high market quirky children’s wear with a retro twist, high quality and comfort.

About Marmalade and Mash

If you want an idea of what Marmalade and Mash are about, all you need to do is look at the name! In their clothes they hope to create a sense of fun and silliness as well as a homely wholesome image which seeks to encapsulate a unique sense of old school Britishness. Founded by Naomi Langford–Archer, a graduate from the London College of Fashion, the brand came about initially from Langford-Archer’s wish to recreate one of her childhood duffle coats. Taking inspiration from this, Langford-Archer decided that she wanted to begin making traditional clothing for today’s children, combined with a modern twist! The designs themselves are fairly simple, free from frills and general fuss. Instead they focus more on the outline and silhouette of the wearer as well as thinking about the balance of colours across the entire look. The overall result is breathtakingly sophisticated and elegant in a way that’s sure to make your child stand out in the crowd!

Marmalade and Mash Collection

The clothing collections are split neatly into boys’ and girls’ clothing, making it easy to pick out what you want. Over in the girl’s section is a selection of adorably puffy Cece Skirts, as well as some tunic style dresses in various colours – mostly plain or with a checker pattern. There’s also blazers and hats on offer, and depending on the time of year you can also buy playsuits. Meanwhile, the boys get to enjoy the latest in corduroy trousers, as well as brighter colours than the girls – such as bright green and blue. There is also a selection of waistcoats in a variety of different colours – including a highly snazzy bright orange, as well as more checker and plain shirts and a blue velvet blazer.


With their timeless style which effectively harks back to a more classic fashion whilst still being undeniably modern, these clothes are ideal for any child who likes to look classy whilst they express themselves.

Marmalade and Mash Delivery and Prices

The payment options for Marmalade and Mash include credit and debit card, as well as PayPal and SagePay. Postage costs £4.50 using UK standard delivery, or free for orders of more than £150. Delivery outside the UK does not appear to be an option. This shop has closed down now.