Melijoe Review

For a truly international children’s clothing retailer which showcases inspirational fashions from all across the world, you should really consider a visit to Melijoe. Founded less than a decade ago by French designer, Nathalie Christen-Genty, the brand has quickly expanded into an international company, with customers and clients spanning the full length of the globe.

About Melijoe

The journey begins in 2003 when Christen-Genty, at the time already an avid enthusiast of the adult fashion industry, was celebrating the birth of her first son. She was disappointed to find that the majority of options in children’s fashion were nowhere near up to her expected standard in terms of quality and originality of design – and the ones which were, were difficult to find. With that, she decided to create her own website which would draw together the very best in children’s designer brands onto one useful website – meaning that parents can now find the absolutely best quality children’s clothes without having to trawl through website after website to get there.

Melijoe Collection

The brand expands each season, bringing with it a range of weather appropriate clothes for every season. The garments are designed for children ages 0-16 years old, so together with Melijoe you can ensure that they’re kitted out in the best quality outfits from the cradle into adulthood.

The ethos of the company is built upon the idea that buying good quality children’s clothes shouldn’t be a chore. Therefore, they are dedicated to ensuring that your clothes buying experience is as painless as possible.

Having so many different designers and retailers listed on their site means that Melijoe offers a wide and eclectic range of clothes for kids to try. From casual t-shirts and plain jeans, to more tribal and geometric patterns which are sure to stand out. With such a wide portfolio of different brands and looks, there’s sure to be something which suits anyone on Melijoe, and you’re sure to find some good quality garments which reflect something unique about your child’s innate sense of style.

Melijoe Delivery and Prices

As an internationally focused company, it only makes sense for Melijoe to dispatch to countries across the world. Check on their deliveries section to see if they deliver to you. If you live in the UK, delivery should cost £7, and take 2-5 working days. Payment options on the site include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro, and you can also opt to use PayPal.