Misha Lulu Review

For a unique twist on traditional children’s fashion, you might want to take a look at Misha Lulu. The brand produces high quality clothing and toys aimed specifically at little girls, with original prints and designs which are sure to stand out in a crowd.

About Misha Lulu

Based in the US, the company is owned and operated by founders Joe and Karen Salazar, a husband and wife team who work together in their home of South Pasadena to create gorgeous garments for young girls. Their own daughter, Isabella, serves as the muse for their clothing designs. Misha Lulu is a cross continental brand, drawing inspiration both from Karen’s home of El Salvador, and Joe’s native Southern California. It is the memory of their childhood homes, as well as themes of art, family and the natural world which help to inform their unique designs which combine modern clothing styles with a more retro, vintage aesthetic.

Misha Lulu Collection

As a relatively small, family owned company, the collections on offer from Misha Lulu are relatively small. However, there is still a wide and extensive range of designs and products to be found in their catalogue of clothes. Many of the prints feature well known characters – Hello Kitty being a particularly prominent feature. Animal prints are particularly popular, and you’ll find a range of simply done swans and whales, as well as more intricate designs and sketches. Our personal favourite is the Sherlock Girl dress, with cartoonish black and white prints featuring props which look like they’ve come straight out of a vintage detective flick.

The products on offer change with the seasons, meaning that you can always find something appropriate for the weather. Right now there’s a great range of hats and knitwear ideal for cold winter weather.

If you’re looking for a toy or a gift, then keep an eye out for little cloth dolls, some of them little girls, some of them animals like rabbits or cats in top hats. These dolls have an almost cartoonish feel to them, whilst simultaneously being stylish and cool, making them gifts which will stand out and be remembered from the rest of the toy section. If you particularly like one of the prints on offer, many of them are also available on posters in the accessories section.

Misha Lulu Delivery and Prices

Although Misha Lulu is a relatively small brand, they do offer delivery and shipping internationally. Delivery times can be up to 4 weeks, so bear that in mind when ordering on the site. The payment types which are accepted on the site include major credit and debit card retailers, as well as PayPal.