Miss Lemonade Review

As every parent knows, sometimes clothes shopping for your kids can be a real chore. Trying to find clothing that’s good quality, stylish and affordable can sometimes seem like a nigh impossible task. If you’re tired of trawling through shop after shop, searching for the perfect item, then never fear – Miss Lemonade has got your back!

About Miss Lemonade

They’ve gathered together all the best children’s clothing brands in the world helpfully into one single store, so with everything in the same place your shopping experiences should be a billion times easier!

The Polish outlet has a very simple mission – to showcase the best in affordable and original designer children’s clothes. They host a small but extensive range of brands from around the world, meaning that there’s a great range of different fashions and styles on offer, so you’re sure to find something suitable.

Miss Lemonade Collection

One thing which does unite each of these brands, however, is the fact that all of their clothes are made from top quality materials. Of course, with quality comes a prize tag, but since these so much work is put into making these garments tough and well made, they’re likely to last through the years and you’re sure to get what you paid for!

The clothes on display are suitable for children as little as newborn, right up to 12 years old. Designs range from the discreet to the garish, from delicate to bold, meaning that there’s ample opportunity for you and your child to explore the options and help them to find something which really reflects their own identity and individual personality. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for, they do have some readily prepared outfits for you to check out and see what works and which clothes go together. The style categories include party clothes, animal prints and pastels, so you’re guaranteed to find something which works for you.

Miss Lemonade Delivery and Prices

There are a few payment options available with Miss Lemonade. You can go oldschool with either a debit or credit card payment or even a bank transfer. Alternatively, customers have the option of using their PayPal account for an extra level of security, or else PayU, which is a similar payment method for both online and mobile payments. Customers based in Poland can also opt to pay on delivery. Delivery to the UK costs just 7,14 EUR, or about £5.50.