Munsterkids Review

Munsterkids is a collection of kids fashion for little rebels, that is driven by music, art and street culture. Munster unique designs are sure to help your child cultivate a truly distinctive look and style.

About Munsterkids

At just less than a decade old, Munsterkids is a Sydney based label established by Rich and Samantha Brown back in 2005. In just 9 short years they now export internationally to more than 20 countries across the world. The name comes from the urban legend of a character named Mikey Munster, a mischievous little boy who is said to exist in every child. Having three children of their own, Rich and Samantha are all too familiar with this tiny terror, and they hope to reflect the ethos of rebellion and fun in their own fashion. Initially, the company specialised in boy’s clothing. However, in 2009 they released their line of Missie Munster clothes, which aims to combine the street wear of the boy’s clothes with traditional girly clothing – creating a look with is both tough and feminine. For younger children, you can check out Mini Munster and Lil Missie.

Munsterkids Collection

The collections available in each section offer a cornucopia of exciting colours and chaotic creativity. Under Mini Munster and Lil Missie, both available for babies, you’ll find adorable mini rompers perfect for moving about and crawling freely in. There’s also shorts and leggings for ease of movement, as well as jumpers and trousers which are ideal for colder months. Moving into the older children’s clothes you will find more form fitting items guaranteed to have your kids looking sharp in no time – as well as fancy jackets and denim. Girls can also choose from a selection of dresses, and there’s a range of swimwear. There is a range of different designs on the clothes – many are plain colours with a simple picture in the middle – some of monsters and crudely drawn skulls, others of rather intricately designed elephants and paint flecked shoes. Other clothes take on a more chaotic aesthetic, with scribbles and random patterns, reflecting a more rebellious style.

Munsterkids Delivery and Prices

As mentioned, Musterkids export to more than 20 countries across the world – check online to see if yours is one of them! International shipping costs $30 AUD. They accept both Visa and Mastercard, and you also have the option of paying via PayPal.