Play Is Work Review

When you’re a child, play is everything, so you’ll need clothes to accommodate this. Play is Work is aptly named and ideal for this purpose, offering a fun range of durable clothes, which are also comfortable and fashionable.

About Play Is Work

This company began life back in the 1970s in Finland, where the mother of the Play is Work founder dressed her in the original leather overalls that the company is so famed for now. When her own children were born, her mother then made a fresh pair of leather overalls which were handed down between them. This then lead to the mutual agreement that more children should be able to benefit from such freeing and durable clothes. A few adjustments were made, such as the addition of a more hard-wearing Swiss zip, and then the product was launched on the web.

Play Is Work Collection

The main challenge was finding a type of leather which is soft enough for smaller kids but durable enough to last, as these products are aimed specifically at toddlers, of no more than 3 years old. There’s no denying that Play is Work are operating in a niche market, and their range of garments is very limited. Although unisex, overalls are not only available to a limited age range, there’s a limited selection of colours available too. The current collection offers merely black, brown or grey overalls. However they also offer separates in the same colour range, so you could opt to buy a matching vest and trouser set instead. The trousers also come with a set of red braces, adding a cute finishing touch whilst offering again more freedom in movement and lasting length of product.

As all garments made here are produced entirely from real leather, each item is understandably on the steep side cost-wise. However when you consider the lasting power of these items, and their ability to be passed down regardless of gender, they are actually a great value purchase.

Play Is Work Delivery and Prices

Play is Work garments are available to purchase online using either PayPal, debit or credit card. The type of cards accepted here include Mastercard, Visa, Electron, Discover, Maestro and American Express. Products can be delivered to a variety of countries across the globe, however the company is based in London, with goods manufactured in East London, so UK delivery is most cost-effective.