Posh Tots Review

Luxury children’s furniture, decorations, bedding and nappy bags – it really doesn’t get much better than Posh Tots.

About Posh Tots

Posh Tots was borne from the desire to create unique and beautiful children’s furniture and décor, after founder Andrea Edmunds found herself unable to find good quality furnishing for children with the right mix of creativity and panache. Now 13 years later, the company continues its creative vision to manufacture unique and beautiful furnishings which add both style and practicality to a child’s bedroom. With a wide range of styles and products, the company aims to create for each child the perfect playing and living space in which to explore their imagination and express their identity and personality. The whimsical brand has been featured in a number of high profile publications over the years, contributing to their enviable global reputation in the world of children’s retailing.

Posh Tots Collection

With offerings of chandeliers and intricate looking cots with silken covers, everything about Posh Tots exudes a sense of wealth and style, much as you would expect from the name!

The actual products on offer here include baby furniture, children’s furniture, gliders, lighting, bedding, rugs, diaper bags, toys and playhouses and other décor. As you can tell from the sheer vast range of products, there’s a pretty extensive catalogue of items on offer. Whether you’re looking for something truly unique with a handmade and hand painted finish, or want something basic, simple and practical, you’ll find it all here. They even accept custom orders so you can have the perfect piece of furniture or ideal toy that nobody could have.

There’s a huge range of aesthetics on offer, from classic designs and flower patterns to more minimalist designs for the modern child. Visually you can create just about any nursery look to suit your taste. But the company really out does itself with its toys and playhouses – with massive pirate ships and castles, as well as life sized stuffed animals available to order from the site. The houses and dens are suitable for indoor or outdoor play (weather permitting) so your child should be able to enjoy these creations in any space.

Posh Tots Delivery and Prices

Posh Tots deliver internationally and accept most debit and credit card payments. It does not appear to be possible to use PayPal on their site.