Renard et Belette Review

For the very best in both stylish and helpfully practical children’s slippers then look no further than Renarde et Belette. These leather indoor shoes come in a range of colours to appeal to all kids and all moods.

About Renard et Belette

Founded in 2012, French brand Renarde et Belette literally translates to ‘the fox and the weasel’ but don’t worry there are no wily creations here! These beautiful children’s slippers are handmade by a family business in Limoges. Their handmade approach is really where the appeal lies here as slippers are made using the stitch and return construction which means the sole is sewn inside out before being returned, in order to create maximum comfort. Products are created up to a UK size 11.5, which can usually suit children up to 8 or 9 years.

Renard et Belette Collection

Colourful shoes automatically jump out at you here, displayed in an appealing circle of pairs, showcasing the brand’s best offerings. Despite being a French retailer, it’s easy to shop and get to grips with everything in the UK, plus there’s a real sense of story and place behind the products here, with the close-knit handmade feel continuing as you find stories about the craftsmen and women involved in making these beautiful shoes. This really makes the connection between where shoes come from and where they’re going to, which is one of the major appeals of this small retailer.

The shoes themselves come in a choice of suede leather or full grain leather. Suede leather is what you’re after if you want a pair of slippers in bright pastel colours. There are also a few colourful full grain leather shoes, in red, blue, green and pink, but you’ll find smarter looking black and brown slippers under this section. As all shoes are made from real leather, they aren’t cheap per se but are still affordable and certainly worth it for their durability.

Renard et Belette Delivery and Prices

There are two options to paying for your goods here – either by credit card or PayPal. Use your PayPal personal account or pay by card through their PayPal system. Credit cards accepted are CB, Visa and Mastercard. Renard et Belette only ship their shoes to certain locations, so if you live in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland or the UK, you’re in luck. Delivery in France costs €6.90 and it’s €10 for the other countries.