Scotch and Soda Review

For sweet and chic clothes designed to suit everyone’s individual style, Scotch and Soda are an excellent choice.

About Scotch and Soda

The Amsterdam based company has dedicated itself to the creation of high quality designer clothing at an affordable price since the 1980’s – although the brand was relaunched in 2001 with three new owners, each with fresh new perspectives. Since then, then brand has kept expanding, creating sharp modern clothing inspired by oldschool vintage designs. In 2008, the company saw yet another exciting development in the creation of their Scotch Shrunk brand, aimed specifically at young boys. In 2010, they began stocking women’s clothes with the Maison Scotch collection. And in summer 2011, a little girl’s brand was created in the form of R’Belle.

Scotch and Soda Collection

Although the children’s selection of clothing is relatively new, there can be no doubt about its quality. The company places great emphasis on the importance of each self-expression and individual style. Hence, their clothes aim to create a unique aesthetic which is guaranteed to stand out. Through their children’s collection, you can ensure that your child will be able to start cultivating and creating their own style which will reflect something unique about their personality and interests.

The company unveils a new collection twice a year – the Spring/Summer collection and the Autumn/Winter collection. This means that, no matter the weather, there is sure to be something for your child which manages to be both weather-appropriate and stylish. If there’s a specific image which you are going for, then you might want to check their look books, in which specific garments have been selected and put together to create a specific style. These different look books take inspiration from different fashions from across the world, including Africa, Asia and South America, which is probably why Scotch and Soda offer such a mixed range of clothes. Browsing through some of their collections, you will find everything from plain jeans, skirts and jackets, to bright tribal prints, feathered top hats and tie-dyed fur. Check out their most recent project, Amsterdam Blauw, which is available to boys only and offers a great range of high quality denim products.

Scotch and Soda Delivery and Prices

Scotch and Soda is, at present, a relatively small company which currently only delivers to addresses within the United Kingdom, Guernsey and Jersey. Delivery is free and dispatched the day after you order, so you can expect to have your clothes within 2-7 working days. Payment methods available on the site include Visa and Mastercard, and they also accept secure payment options such as PayPal.