Tootsa Review

Tootsa, formely known as Tootsa MacGinty, is here to save the day with their exciting range of unisex childrenwear which are just the right mix of cute, well made and practical!

About Tootsa

Sick of children’s clothes constantly offering a strict binary of pink and fluffy garments for girls and cars and trucks for boys, UK based fashion designer Kate Pietrasik decided to take matters into her own hands and create the unisex clothing brand Tootsa MacGinty. The clothes are equally suitable for both genders and follow a timeless design of jumpers, shorts and dungarees – ideal for playing and having fun. The clothes are highly robust and can easily be passed down through generations from sibling to sibling – so you can be sure to get your money’s worth!

Tootsa Collection

Tootsa MacGinty offers clothes in a wild rainbow of exciting colours and patterns. Their Autumn and Winter 2014 collection features jeans, dungarees and jumpers, perfect for huddling around the fire on a frost winter morning, as well as a few dresses and some t-shirts. Many of the clothes feature animals such as bears, pandas and cats. There’s even a sweet fox jumper which comes in adult’s sizes as well as children’s. There are even some fun special features on some of the clothes including a bear design whose mouth opens to reveal teeth! Overall, the clothes are practical, attractive and of a very high quality, perfect for all weather!

This brand also offers some exceptional seasonal themed clothes too, for instance Christmas themed knitted jumpers featuring wintery animals sporting festive props or Halloween themed spooky garments. It has also offers cute collectible cushions which come complete with animal patterns making them perfect for the nursery or snuggling.

Tootsa Delivery and Prices

Tootsa MacGinty products are available to order online and they charge a very reasonable price of just £3 for delivery by first class post within the UK – meaning that your clothes should be with you within 1-2 days. For Europe, the price is £9, with an ETA of between 2-3 business days and for the rest of the world it is £15 with an arrival time of between 5-15 days depending on where you are. They accept most major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. Alternatively, you can check online to see if any of their stock is on offer in a store near you.