Waddler Review

For a truly globetrotting children’s brand which gathers together all the best influences and clothes making strategies from cultures across the world, make sure to check out Waddler.

About Waddler

Waddler offers a varied collection of children’s clothes for all genders, ideal for work, rest and play and perfect for growing bodies. A sense of adventure is innate in the design and style of Waddler clothes – not least since the company was born out of Wanderlust! Their story begins in 2008, when founder Philip Thomson and his family decided to leave their London house and move halfway across the globe to South America. There, watching their son grow up in the Andes, they found inspiration to design beautiful and unique children’s clothes with the aim of reflecting this ideal lifestyle. As the family moved further into the Andes to Bolivia, they discovered the wonder of alpaca yarn, a material similar to wool but softer and generally considered warmer. It was here that Waddler was born, combining the Thomson’s designs with the practical skills of the Bolivian weavers who have been learning the craft their whole lives. What’s more, shopping with Waddler is ethical – their workers are paid three times the minimum wage, which has allowed to community as a whole to benefit from new washing machines and materials for the local skills! Over the years, Waddler has expanded in Peru, where they work with local artisans to create beautiful clothes made from Pima Cotton native to the region.


Waddler Collection

As you would expect, the Thomson family has seen some truly wondrous things during their travels, and this is what they’ve tried to reflect in their designs. In their collection you will find a surprisingly wide range of children’s clothing items, including wide and puffy trousers and rompers, perfect for younger children, plus more form fitting trousers, jumpers and leggings for when they get a bit older. If you fancy something for yourself, you can find some adult sized jumpers and onesies. There are new collections released every few months, so you should be able to find something suitable for the weather too!

Waddler Delivery and Prices

Despite being a comparatively small, family owned company, Waddler has the resources to export their items across the world, so no matter where you are you can enjoy their original designs and hand crafted high quality garments. The payment options which can be used on the site include most credit and debit card options, as well as PayPal.