Wheat Review

For children’s clothing which is wholesome, fashionable and most importantly well made, you’d better make sure you hurry over to Wheat, for gorgeous kids clothes designed with family in mind.

About Wheat

The Danish company was founded away back in 2002 by husband and wife team, Charlotte and Peter Galsgaard. Following a recognisably Scandinavian design, the couple hope to reflect something about the laidback Danish lifestyle using soft, light colours and unique patterns which you won’t find anywhere else – certainly not on the high street!

Wheat Collection

Charlotte is the company’s chief designer, as well as co-founder, and in her designs she never loses sight of the need for a focus on childhood, using her own three children as part of her inspiration. Whilst many children’s retailers have a habit of putting style over substance, with Wheat, the clothes are always designed with the knowledge that children need to be allowed space to move around and play. Hence, the clothes are specially created to withstand wear and tear, loose fitting with elastic waistbands which are ideal for growing bodies to run around, explore and play in.

Combining a unique and original design style with excellent customer service and plenty of good communication with customers and manufacturers alike, Wheat offers fantastic children’s fashion from a highly professional, organised company which always manages to deliver.

With Wheat, you will find both simplicity and style, with a range of different clothing options ranging from baby to toddler. The majority of the designs are simple, plain block colours, loosely fitted to allow freedom of movement and comfort. Occasionally you will find some floral patterned outfits, and animals also run as a theme. But for the most part, the clothes are very plain and pleasing, with an interesting, light texture. If you want to be extra ethical, check out the wheat organic line, in which all clothes are made out of cotton which grows organically in shades of green, cream and brown – meaning that there’s no need to use any clothing dye. The company introduces new lines of clothing every few months, and they even have a special collection in for Christmas – so there are clothes suitable for all kinds of weather here.

Wheat Delivery and Prices

In terms of payment, Wheat only accepts Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa payments, and it is not possible to use PayPal, however they protect your private information using top standard SSL technology. They will deliver anywhere in Europe, at 15 Euros per delivery.